28 May

A teacher can give knowledge, but if it is not reinforced by practice, this knowledge will be forgotten, it will be lost. 

2) In the process of learning we need to use qualitative terms, such as "A" denotes something different from "B". For example, we use the computer in the learning process as "a friend who can help solve difficult problems. You can only teach what you know how to do yourself. And first you have to learn how to do it yourself.  

3) No less important is the place of training. Especially if we are talking about the application of the acquired knowledge in life. If the place and time do not meet the requirements, it is unlikely that there will be more benefit than harm from training. This term is central to this article.  

4) Most often training has a theoretical basis. Accordingly, you need to be able to explain your thoughts in accessible language. This skill is directly related to the formation of competence, and it can be considered not only as an independent knowledge, but also as a part of general awareness. Let us consider an example. A person is working with some document that he does not like. In this case, in order to change something in his document, he needs to: 1) understand what he is reading there 2) try to find an alternative way 3) change his mind for the better. All of this is possible if the person has some training that he can share with others. 

 5) In the end the person gets some final result, which distinguishes him/her from others, has his/her right to exist and corresponds to the set task. Thus, competence is a set of knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes towards the activity performed. We can say that competence is defined in two formats: theoretical (provable by special knowledge) and practical (understandable to others).  

So, it is necessary to define what competence is. Perhaps after reading this material you will become a more knowledgeable and independent person. And you will be able to avoid unreasonable failures and mistakes in setting goals, forming tasks and action plan.

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