28 May

The simplest definition is that education is the transfer of knowledge from one generation to another.

It is markedly different from education as such.It can be compared to biological or genetic, where a mother transmits knowledge from child to child.Or you could compare it to socio-cultural education, where one generation passes knowledge to the next. Closer to it is network education, when knowledge from a large source flows into a small number of social networks. But what is interesting is that there is a certain distance between the two.It can be compared to countries, nations and even generations.

Teenagers pass on their knowledge from generation to generation without receiving any gift from their elders.The farther away from the older generation, the less knowledge and more loneliness.Of course, when new nations secede from the country, things change here.But this does not happen often; usually countries are bound together by some kind of clan or civilizational ties.Accordingly, when a country becomes stronger, the new nation tries to pass on its knowledge to the older generation through the school.

This applies to the new generation as well as to the older generation, that is, in order to raise the rating of a citizen at the national level, it is necessary to create a favorable environment for his education, so that he receives knowledge in its entirety.

There is precisely a distance between knowledge and loneliness between the generations. And all the folk wisdom also manifests itself when one says: "Man has three states - love, hunger and learning," that is, man has knowledge first and foremost.And since he has knowledge, it is no longer a state, but a state of something else.So both the new generation and the old and the current generation are one big ladder: knowledge + solitude.The durability of the results of this ladder and its formation depends on the conditions of the country.If the country is calm, the results of learning are higher.

A nation lives when it has cultural, economic, and military advantages.

Even if it does not develop them, they nevertheless sustain it.A nation's strength is its cultural wealth, its military might, and its good climate.Everything else is a consequence.

Of course, these results, the well-being and problems of the nation are manifested in society as a whole.This is how French society and the French nation emerged.

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