28 May

But in order to enroll in your major, you will need a certificate-call from the medical school, where you will have to pick it up.  Also the presence of this document in the university can help to pass the check of the Ukrainian universities to meet the criteria for admission of applicants and receive a quotation from them.  

You, as a person who has received higher education in other countries, may be enrolled in the first year without a certificate of training.  It is possible that there will be no barriers to admission after you return to your home country.  Since the diploma is issued by the university where you want to enroll, you must have a certificate of invitation from the university.  See also the list of all countries where you can enter without a Ukrainian citizen's education:  Citizens of Ukraine who are eligible for free education abroad and have a higher education. 

Can also enter a master's program on general grounds with a Russian education.  Professions in which a diploma from a Russian university is recognized in other states.  The same applies to related professions.  Ukrainian diploma is recognized in many European countries. See more about the countries where you can enroll for training:  This document looks like several pages in white format. Your personal information and your data about the document can be filled in on it. 

This information can be written in either English or Russian.  This page may show the deadlines, current programs, and tuition fees. Also, this page will show the applicant what country he/she will be applying to. For example, it can show if there is a free student exchange program, if the applicant is going to study in another country.  Note! If you want to learn an additional language, such as German or Italian, you will not have to take exams to study it at the university.  

Sample of this page  For the first time after the registration of this document, applicants go through a period of adaptation in school, as children will see the appearance of a person for the first time.  Only from this point on will it be seen if you can transfer to the school.  Old forms may also be shown. Documents issued to you (certificates, letters of recommendation) can also be shown to the admissions committee, which will choose the one that will be better for the diploma.  A decision on admission will be made within three weeks. After that, it will be up to you how you prepare for your studies, what disciplines you study, and where you do your internship.  

The time frame for admission can range from one to three months.

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