How to get an education in the Czech Republic?

About education in the Czech Republic

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For an adult it is almost unrealistic, but for students nothing is impossible. In the Czech Republic it is possible to get an education through state funding, as well as to negotiate with the university for a grant. Of course, foreign students can not be allocated to individual faculties. It is not possible to study abroad at the Faculty of History, Law, Medical Faculty, but it is possible to find opportunities to study programs of humanities and economics departments. The choice of university will be taken directly at the university, so it is necessary in advance to study information about training opportunities in the Czech Republic. Nowadays the best Universities of the Czech Republic accept applicants including from Russia.

Having finished the studies in Czech Republic students obtain international diploma of state standard recognized in many countries of the world. This diploma entitles the student to apply for a job in the most prestigious companies in the Czech Republic or in Great Britain. You can start learning in the Czech Republic at any level of education: undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, doctoral.

Studies in the Czech Republic have advantages which lie not only in the possibility of getting an education. As mentioned above, the Czech educational institutions offer the opportunity to get a great education abroad. In addition, students at universities in the Czech Republic receive a government scholarship, which covers all the costs of accommodation and food.
Before going for an interview at a university in the Czech Republic, you must take a training course at the center where you will take a language exam. It is taken by all foreign students. It is necessary in order to be able to study in Czech university. In the language centers, about 10 thousand people are trained for one year.

After a successful passing of the language examination, the applicant is tested at various universities, which offer their entrance examinations. Knowledge of the Czech language is very important, as this is the language in which academic papers are written at universities.
Which countries most often choose Czech universities:
Recall that students who study the Czech language can study at universities in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. In some cases, you can find special scholarships that cover the cost of education.

The cost of education in Czech universities:
If we talk about the cost of education, it is very democratic and affordable for most students. You can find out the exact cost and all the conditions of training at Czech universities by visiting the official website of the university.
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